Bleeding nipples is par for the course with distance running, anyone who runs knows that. I forgot to put my chafe glide or band-aids on before the Brooklyn Half and by mile 10 I was bleeding. I didn't notice until I grabbed gatorade and some spilled on my chest. Then I felt the stinging, and saw the blood. At mile 11… » 1/25/15 8:57am Sunday 8:57am

I think this really depends on what you are doing. Songwriters and musicians for example, spend a lot of time honing their craft, but you often hear that the big hit song, or the best song they ever wrote, is one that came to them, and took just minutes to write. » 1/16/15 6:08am 1/16/15 6:08am

If you Jailbreak, you can make Google Maps and Chrome your default browser and maps program. Any link you click in email etc will open in those apps instead of Safari/Apple Maps.

That alone may convince people to jailbreak. » 1/15/15 8:27am 1/15/15 8:27am

She doesn't come off as the brightest lightbulb, based off if what I just read above only...
"He did all kinds of missions throughout the world and disappeared a lot. He was a really neat guy" ...and maps, and the Iraq.

It reads like a 2nd grade book report. » 1/14/15 9:35am 1/14/15 9:35am

The Hydro Flask 64 oz insulated is becoming a go to growler for many people. Keeps beer cold and carbonated for a good period of time. I know several breweries that sell the growlers, and I believe that if you are a member of The Bruery's reserve club, you get one with membership. » 1/08/15 11:57pm 1/08/15 11:57pm

If there is any question about the importance of diet vs. exercise, here's a quote from a Tim Ferriss article (not sure if he is quoting someone else...)
"If you're a 220-pound male, you'll want to climb 27 flights of stairs to burn off half an Oreo".

» 1/06/15 9:21am 1/06/15 9:21am

I love this bottle, but I added a Kleen Kanteen water bottle sport cap to it. Best of both worlds. Water stays cold for over 24 hours no problem, and I have the sport cap. The threads are exactly the same.

I must say, the Kleen Kanteen cap has gone through several versions/design changes. THe air intake valve in the… » 1/05/15 5:03pm 1/05/15 5:03pm